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These ladies transformed into SUPER WOMEN

Meet Doctor & Boy Mom of 2- Steph!

I want to start by telling you congratulations!

The majority of women in your shoes, don’t even make it this far. But you’re here. YOU booked a call, and we’re going to talk about how you can change your life, for good. This tells me that you are an action taker, which separates you from the 98% of women, who fail to even take this first step. I know that losing fat and transforming your body is HARD. I’ve been there (more on that in a moment).

The feeling of living on a treadmill, restricting foods you love, missing out on life events due to anxiety over falling off the wagon, or going to them but falling off and feeling so much guilt and shame. Or constantly falling off the diet, back on the diet, and into the vicious cycle that so many of us fall victim to.

LET ME TELL YOU A SECRET. It's not your fault. You’ve fallen prey to a horrible, quick-fix industry that has misled you. Just like it misled me back in the day. This is exactly why I created our 1:1 MMRS Coaching Program, so we can help women like YOU finally create the body, freedom, and lifestyle that you deserve.
Steph came to us hating the way she was feeling. Even though she was an athlete in high school, she had always just eaten whatever she wanted and stayed relatively lean.

After college, she gained weight and started desperately trying to lose weight.She counted macros but hitting all those numbers every single day was stressful and once she gave up, she'd immediately gain back all the weight she lost. Eventually, she tried keto and weight watchers and right before considering the new weight loss shot and starving herself...

She reached out to me. Because she knew that my program was different than all the bullshit gimmicks that she had tried before. While she was worried that the program might not work for her after being let down by diet after diet but she was so committed to herself that she was ready to try. She dropped 15 pounds and lost 4 inches around her waist but is feeling more energized and stronger than ever!!!!

But MOST importantly, she understands what a truly balanced and sustainable lifestyle looks like for her. Where she can have date night with her husband, cart her kids to baseball practices, make mistakes, and not be so damn hard on herself. She finally feels totally in control of her fitness, weight, and body.

Restriction is never the answer, and even while working from home when the kitchen is right there taunting you, remember that less is not more, and we’re here to show you how it’s done.
If you’re STILL worried that this is just going to be another quick fix like Noom, Weight Watchers, or Optavia, listen to a few more of our client's stories here.
“Bonnie went from feeling skinny-fat and eating 1,000 calories to feeling lean and eating 2,000 cals/ day!!”
"How Danielle Changed Her Life By Putting Her Health First”
“Ash lost 2 sizes in her clothes without giving up time with her 3 kids or tasty food!”

“Toni was skeptical about hiring someone she met through Instagram DMs… but ended up breaking the 1200 calorie diet mentality, losing 25 pounds, and continuing on with us to make this lifestyle a permanent change”
“Cait was skeptical that an online program could hold her accountable in the gym and kitchen - but is now seeing amazing results!”
“Chiara had dieted her whole life and finally found the solution to repairing her broken relationship with food after multiple failed attempts… and finally learned to say YES to putting herself first”