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What It Looks Like for Busy Women to “Manage Stress”

05 April 2022

I used to get so angry and frustrated when people told me that I needed to ‘manage my stress.’ Like, what did that mean exactly? How the heck could I manage stress when I had so much on my plate?

The only things I had ever done to try and manage my stress were meditation, taking a cold shower, or vacationing somewhere I could park my ass on the beach. 

But what the hell am I supposed to do when meditation feels like it’s doing nothing, the bath is too grimey to soak in, and my next vacation isn’t for another five weeks?

It all seemed overwhelming- like it would add more stress to my plate- and I honestly didn’t see a way out of the stress-filled life that I was currently living.

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It wasn’t until my health got so, so, so bad that I was literally forced to make changes. I was at such a low point in my life because I had let stress take over my life, my career, and my relationships. 

I don’t want anyone to experience the burnout and frustration that I went through, and I wanted to share some of the things I *actually* did to get a better handle on the stress in my life.

Let me just tell you that managing my stress was hard. There were plenty of times that I fell back into old stress patterns of behavior because they were comfortable. If you find yourself in the same boat, this isn’t a sign to quit, but a sign to keep trying. 

Here are my best tips to help busy women manage the stress in their lives: 

  1. Get Yourself a Weighted Blanket

Seriously, these are the best things ever for stress. They put me right into a deep sleep (which is also critical for stress management) and instantly eradicate the feelings of my heart racing and a knot in my chest.

2.Use a 5-minute meditation app

I love meditation but I’m aware that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Even when it feels like nothing is happening, your brain IS changing. Even so much as a 5-minute meditation each morning or night will be enough to get all the benefits

3.Allow yourself time to do nothing (without guilt)

Listen, I am a DOER. I’m guilty of never sitting still when it comes to my house. I live here, I work here, I entertain friends and family here. I constantly feel as though there’s something that needs to be done or cleaned or put away. Except- I’m not the only one who lives in my house. This is your permission slip to ask your partner/kids/roommates for more help

4.Positive affirmations

We can definitely be our own biggest critics which is the easiest way to stress ourselves out. I’ve often been super hard on myself when the people around me just… didn’t have the same expectations or view me in the same shitty light I was viewing myself. Instead of being a bully to myself, I started purposely inundating my mind with positive thoughts about myself which helps me take each moment in stride and not be too harsh.

5.Try some CBD

Without the psychological effects of THC, CBD is like THC’s much more chill suburban BFF. It helps your brain decrease stress hormones, aids in physical recovery, decreases inflammation and it will help you get a deeper sleep.


6.Keep notes of the things you achieved during the day

It’s easy to be stressed when you’re constantly running from one thing on the “to-do” list after the next. When we only focus on what needs to be done, it’s easy to get to the end of the day and be like, “Wtf did I even do today?” By keeping a small list of things you achieved or wins from your day will be a helpful reminder of ALL that you’ve already accomplished.


7.Eat enough

There is no grown adult I know that can survive off less than 1,000 calories a day but some of my clients think that a protein bar and coffee is enough fuel to get them through their day. Listen ladies- you need to cut that shit out. Between running around at work, getting errands done, and still trying to save some time for your social life, workouts, and relationships, you need fuel! Without it, your body becomes stressed and chronically under eating can put more strain on your brain and cortisol levels than simply eating nutritious food when you’re hungry. 


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There are so many ways that different people can manage their stress. The key is to have a host of tools that help you in both the short term and the long term and to pull out these go-to strategies when you need them the most. 

As I always say, it’s never one thing. Hopefully, this blog gave you some ideas for working towards a better balance with the stress in your life.

And remember to give yourself time, patience, and grace with the process. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen. Hang in there! 

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See you there fam and #StayNourished



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