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Nourish No-Fail Protein Shake Recipe

01 December 2021

For any time of day (recipe also includes versions without protein powder & without dairy products)!


There’s nothing quite like finishing a sweaty workout to come home and chug a cold, thick  delicious protein shake packed with fruit, vegetables, and flavor. Unfortunately for me, that just wasn’t the case for quite a long time.


When I purchased my first blender in 2016, I remember struggling to make the perfect protein shake. Some days, it would be watery (yuck), and others would taste chalky (double yuck). I knew that if I could just get the recipe right, then I would be in GOLDEN. 

Flash a few years forwards to 2019, where I learned that the perfect protein shake wasn’t a guessing game but instead a game of measurements. When I began consciously weighing my food and measuring the ingredients I was using, I found that the consistency and flavors of my shakes greatly improved. I also noticed that I was consistently forming better eating patterns because I was starting my day out in the right direction! 

Now that I’ve mastered my protein shake recipe, I have a shake every single day. I usually have mine first thing in the morning, right after my workouts, but this protein shake recipe is excellent for any time of day. I find that my protein shake recipe is great because: 

  • I get a full serving of protein first thing in the morning. Since protein can be a tough macro-nutrient for most people to fit into their diets (let’s be honest, most people prefer cheese and bread aka CARBS and FATS ), having a shake first thing in the morning helps ensure that I reach my daily protein goals. By front loading  protein, you will keep yourself from the feeling of “ shoveling it in” at the end of the day.  Trust me I get it, I have been there!
  • I stay full throughout the morning, and there is nothing worse than eating an entire bagel only to be hungry 30 minutes later. Having a protein shake helps me stay full all morning since it combines all the nutrients to keep me satiated until my next meal. 
  • It’s quick and easy. I don’t know many people who have time to make themselves a four-course meal, especially in the morning (myself included). Having a protein shake with or for breakfast means having a reliable meal/snack that will give me the energy and nourishment I need to start my day without fussing with a stove or requiring massive clean-up.

Without any further delay, here is my No-Fail Protein Shake Recipe!

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Looking for a protein shake recipe without protein powder? No worries! Instead of adding a scoop of protein powder, try adding 1 cup of unsweetened, plain Greek yogurt to your smoothie instead. This is a great protein shake recipe option without protein powder since 1 cup of Greek yogurt has roughly 24-30 grams of protein. Using yogurt instead of protein powder gives you a comparable protein shake without the powder that can sometimes upset digestion and cause some bloating for some.

For anyone who is a vegan and looking for a vegan protein shake option, I highly recommend checking out Huel, Or Unico. Both choices are brands that I have personally tried and really enjoyed, with Huel being my go to nowadays.

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your current smoothie, I’m also a big fan of pouring it into a bowl, topping it with fresh fruit (or frozen fruit that’s been warmed up in the microwave), granola, and chia seeds for a fun twist on a regular smoothie. 

To check out more of my nutrition staples, click here to download my free Nutrition Guide that includes tons of whole food options that will help you stay satiated and satisfied through your entire day. 

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Tyler Hammett
Owner of Nourish With Ty
NAMS Certified Nutrition Consultant
Certified Tall Person and Former Pro Basketball Player :  7ft :)

I work with athletes who struggle with weight management and joint pain after leaving the sports world.  I believe that when we have the tools and knowledge to nourish ourselves through proper nutrition and movement, we will achieve health and vitality for every season of life.

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