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How To Stop Restricting & Over-Eating

19 March 2022

So many people want quick-fix diets. They want to lose weight and do it fast. 

This is where keto, Atkins, waist trainers, the meat diet, juice cleanses, and fat burners come in. Even at the start of my fitness journey, I dabbled in some of these things. It’s what every newspaper and ad was focused on. 

But I learned the hard way. There are no shortcuts to losing body fat. 

Taking fat burners to lose weight and doing endless cardio did nothing but leave me depleted. When I was most depleted, I would then go HAM on all the foods that I restricted for weeks or months on end. Then the guilt at “cheating” on my diet would lead me right back into a new diet with new restrictions. 

You might be able to trim your weight by five pounds in three weeks because you’ve taken drastic measures like following a super-restrictive crash diet, but these diets do nothing to teach you how to make changes to your lifestyle. 

When I work with my high-level 1:1 nutrition clients, I want to teach them how to balance their diet. Learn how to eat healthy including your favorite foods (I mean, could you imagine never having mac & cheese again ever?) 

It’s not about the choices you make once in a while (treats) it’s about the choices you make most often (nutrient-dense foods). 

Try working on these 3 things to stop the cycle of restricting and overeating:

  1. Plan a week of healthy meals before you go shopping and allow yourself flexibility on the weekends. Building these foods into your nutrition plan will ensure sustainability. 
  2. If you’re looking to indulge, try to use the best and most high-quality ingredients. There are more nutrients and you’ll be much more satiated. 
  3. Trust your body and reduce fear around food. Food isn’t “good” or “bad”. It’s just food. Eat in accordance with your goals. Eat what makes you feel your best. Eat food you love. The three things are not mutually exclusive. 

Losing fat is different from merely losing weight. It’s really about transforming your life. 

About making healthy nutrition the norm and eating food you love in moderation. 

About making movement a regular part of your life instead of this big, looming chore.


I haven’t been able to lose over 80 pounds and keep it off for years because I work on it once in a while. This is about the commitment I made to myself to be as healthy as I can be, not just weighing less. I’ve been in it for the long haul. 

Fat loss isn’t just about losing fat. It’s about the changes you need to make, both internal and external, to achieve your goal. 

Show up consistently for yourself and watch how your relationship will change all the aspects of healthy living.

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