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Gratitude is the Attitude

06 April 2021

In life, the most simple actions, or moments are what bring about the highest level of least in my experience anyway. Taking a shower after a long cold winter day on the job. The post beach nap after relaxing in the sun with family and friends. Alone time to sit and dwell upon all of the mysterious phenomena that surround us. The soft touch of a loved one. The companionship of a family pet whether it meows or barks...big dog fan over here 😁

But I digress. Aren’t the simple pleasures what make the “journey” worth the trip? There is a satisfaction located here, that is like no other. It cannot be met by another other action than that of  the one being performed in its entirety. That small moment in time that allows for self love, being seen, and embraced. Being yourself wholeheartedly. Now that I say all of this you are probably asking, “Well this may be true but what does this have to do with anything?”

Just what IF you could live a life where every single moment is met with “Gratitude“. Pause and think about this. We genuinely have 0 control of what is going to happen in the next 5, 10, 50 years. Not one of us knows “FOR SURE” what is going to happen even in the next 24 hours. Can we hypothesize...of course. But if a nationwide pandemic has shown me anything, it has brought to light that...

LIFE IS 100% about how you REACT to it.

Honestly, we are going to move throughout time here on earth one way or another. (Again- 0 control in this matter). Embrace the challenges, be thankful for EACH and EVERY single moment of GRACE that surrounds us. Be thankful for everything to the highest degree possible.

Your phone case is broken.
Your WiFi isn’t working.
You can’t buy new shoes this week.
You can’t get the newest iPhone.
You're stressed about which restaurant to go to.

Who gives a ****. Yes I write PG -13 🤣. Anywho... always remember there are people who do not have basic necessities met. Food, shelter, WATER.

Things we take for granted as we are caught in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Most of us will always have food in our fridge, a shelter over our head, a bed to lay our head on. On that same notion, there are individuals who do not  have access to read from the same platform/device  that you are viewing this information on 🤯. Take Grace into your daily actions and embrace the gifts in your life.  They are bountiful.  

With love,

Ty ✌🏽💜

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