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4 Common Mistakes That Keep You From Losing Fat

23 February 2022

You take a deep breath as you step on the scale for the seventh time this week. You’re hoping that the number goes down and that your measurements are getting smaller— but they don’t.

If you’re like most people, you hit a plateau when you’re decreasing calories in an effort to lose fat. It’s the body’s way of trying to maintain homeostasis now that you’ve reached a “new normal,” so to speak.

When clients inevitably hit a fat loss plateau or don’t see immediate results, they reach out to me and ask me to lower their calories.

 Hard stop.

If you’re not losing fat with the calorie target that you’re currently prescribed, I don’t recommend immediately dropping more calories. Here are 4 things you need to do BEFORE lowering your calories any more: 

1.Make sure you’re tracking everything accurately. 

This means that you’re weighing your food instead of just measuring it with measuring cups. Weighing food is much more accurate when it comes to counting calories than simply measuring it. 

Also, it’s important that you’re measuring licks and tastes. Having a few extra carrots might not affect your overall numbers for the day but I guarantee that licks and tastes of ice cream, candy, or peanut butter does. By not tracking them, your numbers are going to look lower than they really are.

2. You’re not hitting your protein goal.  

If you’re too concerned with lowering your calories but you’re not paying attention to your protein intake, you could be filling up on empty calories. 

To make sure you’re hitting your protein target, aim to get protein in at every meal, and don’t be afraid to supplement with protein powders (I prefer vegan ones) or natural protein bars (like Rx Bars).

3. Make sure you’re eating primarily whole foods.   

Eating whole foods means that you’re eating foods that are minimally processed. It’s the food that needs to be harvested and contains only one ingredient. These foods are more nutrient-dense which keeps you fuller for longer. 

The more you eat whole foods, the less you start craving processed crap that spikes your blood sugar and leaves you hungrier than you were an hour ago. The more whole foods you eat, the more you start to crave them. 

4. Hit your step goal every day for a week. 

Sometimes, your plateau can’t be fixed by dropping your calories lower. In those cases, you need to move your body more instead of relying on restricting food alone. 

Walking regularly will help you burn more fat, improve your digestion, and improve your mood. If those aren’t good reasons to walk more then I’m the queen of England.

You see, the goal isn’t to eat as little as possible to survive through your day.

I want you to feel ENERGIZED.

I want you to feel SATIATED.

I want you to feel NOURISHED.

 For those things to happen, it’s not just about eating less calories. You need to eat real food and commit to living a healthy lifestyle. 

If you are someone who is struggling to start their fat loss journey without crash dieting or over-exercising. I understand and I am here for you.

Use this link and lets hop on a call,  YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS. Anything is possible, you just have to believe.

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